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GION JEANS. about.

I came to Japan in 1988 designing shop interiors for a major Japanese apparel brand. In '92, I became a freelance creative director and worked with many clients accross the country. Tasked with creating new brand concepts for the cosmetic industry, I won several top prizes in the national "ranking queen" for branding/best product competitions. 


From 2004 from 2010 I consulted and provided branding knowhow to the owner of a major Japanese "fast fashion" retailers before moving to Kyoto to research the philosophy of the kimono, and to develop a process of combining traditional silk kimono fabric with vintage denim. 


In Kyoto I was lucky  enough to team up with a Peter Card, a British jeans designer with over twenty years  experience in the jeans industry; both in Japan and on the international stage. Our joint determination to  launch a mid price, yet high quality brand resulted in Gion Jeans being  launched in 2010.
Now in its fifth year, positive feedback has encouraged us to take the brand to the next level.


- Lee Longshaw (Proprietor and creative director)

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